Bonita Springs Events

Event DateApptEvent Name
10/10/2016   Musical Mondays
10/10/2016   Sunday Brunch
1/25/2017   Leadership Development Program
3/1/2017   Learn to Create Your Own Mandala!
3/2/2017   The 1849 California Gold Rush
3/2/2017   Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, Clarity and Commitment
3/2/2017   Dog Daze at Miromar
3/3/2017   Friday Night Concert Series
3/4/2017   Spring Health Fair
3/4/2017   Singles Mingle
3/5/2017   Car Cruise-In
3/5/2017   Multiple Sclerosis Center of SWFL: Bourbon & Blues
3/6/2017   Book Talks - Short Story Collections
3/6/2017   How to Look at a Painting
3/7/2017   Hablemos
3/7/2017   Bonita Springs Utilities Ribbon Cutting
3/7/2017   Step Smart
3/7/2017   Wake-Up YP Networking Breakfast
3/8/2017   Wellness@Work
3/8/2017   Medical Identity Theft
3/8/2017   Vein Disease Medical Lecture - What it is and How to Treat it
3/8/2017   Vein Disease Medical Lecture - What it is and How to Treat it
3/8/2017   Stories Behind Great Hymns of the Faith
3/8/2017   Film Series: Part II
3/9/2017   Blue Zones Project
3/9/2017   Dien Bien Phu and the Geneva Conference
3/9/2017   2017 Community Business Expo
3/10/2017   SASF: Dr. Eric Haura Luncheon
3/10/2017   Friday Night Concert Series
3/11/2017   Stepping Out for Scholarships
3/11/2017   Science Saturday
3/11/2017   Dancing Classrooms
3/12/2017   Baby Leprechaun
3/13/2017   The International Committee of the Red Cross and Theresienstadt: See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil
3/14/2017   9th Annual Grande Dames Tea
3/14/2017   Don’t Kill the Messenger
3/14/2017   Hablemos
3/14/2017   Vein Disease Medical Lecture - What it is and How to Treat it
3/14/2017   Vein Disease Medical Lecture - What it is and How to Treat it
3/15/2017   Moms Appreciation Day
3/15/2017   Global Warming - Myth or Reality
3/15/2017   Young Professionals (YP) Meet & Greet Spectra Apartments
3/16/2017   The Black Queen - Catherine de Medici
3/16/2017   Bradford Square Retirement Resort Ribbon Cutting
3/16/2017   The Outdoor Kitchen Place
3/17/2017   Friday Night Concert Series
3/18/2017   14th Annual Celebrate Estero
3/18/2017   Family Yoga with Kathryn
3/20/2017   Motivational Monday
3/20/2017   What to Look for When Buying Gemstones
3/20/2017   Book Talks - Short Story Collections
3/21/2017   The Fakahatchee – Collier County’s Best Kept Secret
3/21/2017   Physical Therapist Assistant Informational Session
3/21/2017   Hablemos
3/22/2017   Textspeak
3/22/2017   Film Series: Part III
3/22/2017   Medi-Weightloss Clinics Ribbon Cutting
3/22/2017   Medical Identity Theft
3/23/2017   Tea and Tales
3/23/2017   Koreshan State Park Lecture
3/24/2017   Developing a Data Breach Response Plan for Legal Professionals
3/24/2017   Friday Night Concert Series
3/24/2017   Nu World Title Ribbon Cutting
3/24/2017   Coconut Point Concert Series- Alter Eagles
3/25/2017   Kids Day
3/25/2017   Relay For Life Bonita Springs Estero
3/25/2017   Snowbird Athletic Games/Expo
3/25/2017   Movie Under the Stars
3/26/2017   SWFL Big Band
3/28/2017   Fakahatchee Tram Tour
3/28/2017   Hablemos
3/29/2017   Electing Supreme Court Judges
3/30/2017   The St. Louis, the Sturma and the Exodus
3/30/2017   Identity Theft Restoration for Legal Professionals
3/31/2017   Friday Night Concert Series
3/31/2017   SASF: Space Luncheon


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