The Mind Must Be Convinced - Ida Tarbell

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The Mind Must Be Convinced - Ida Tarbell
. Please Note --> This is a Past Event!! .

Date: 2/22/2017
Time: 2:30 PM TO 3:30 PM

3511 Vanderbilt Beach Rd.
Naples, FL 34109

(239) 598-6143

Event Description: “The Mind Must Be Convinced” tells the story of Ida Tarbell, the investigative journalist whose work helped break up the Standard Oil Company monopoly. Labeled as one of the “muckraking” journalists of the early 20th century, Tarbell resented the title and preferred to view herself as an historian. As can be seen from her works, she was more interested in uncovering truth than in promoting any particular political agenda. She believed “the mind must be convinced” by facts rather than emotion or sensationalism, if positive and permanent change was to come. Lecturer: Janina Birtolo View the complete winter 2017 Center for Lifelong Learning session guide at For more information, contact Kassandra Dafcik at or (239) 598-6143. This event is free and open to the public.
Sandalwood Village

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