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10/23/2013 General

Bonita Springs Estero Economic Development Council Three Year Strategic Plan

Bonita Springs Estero Economic Development Council
THREE YEAR Strategic Plan



“To build a place to live and work that is economically diverse with a year-round economy that also enhances the environment and reflects the character of its inhabitants.”

Objective 1 - collect Data
Asset Assessment, Company Profiles and Demographics

Create and regularly update a comprehensive economic and demographic profile of area creating a knowledge base of companies either high growth or at risk of failure.  Create avenues for collaboration.


Continue Interview Process, Business Retention and Expansion Survey

Partner with FGCU Regional Economic Institute recruiting addition CEO’s to participate in their survey for the Fort Myers Partnership, thereby creating more participation and strengthening the data for the Bonita Springs/Estero micro area.

Meet quarterly with Fort Myers Partnership staff to review opportunities for collaboration and lead development for Estero and Bonita Springs.

Q2, 2013
Create business plan to partner with other agencies such as Lee County, Bonita Springs Community Development, The Partnership for Collier’s Future, and others.

Q4 2012
Research database access through other organizations.

Objective 2 - Existing Enterprise Program

The top priority is to ensure that existing business enterprises stay, grow, and thrive in our area.  Existing local and regional business represents the greatest potential for business development, job growth, and economic diversification.


Conduct outreach to local partners, businesses and entrepreneurs in order to build engagement and data on existing business base wants and needs.



Continue Interview Process, Business Retention and Expansion Survey

Provide direction to access workforce support, training grants and funding resources.

Investigate permitting in Estero and possible overlap in Estero relative to permitting.

Continue to support efforts to "streamline" and expedite the permitting process and promote a business friendly culture and image.

Identify legislative and policy issues that affect economic development at the state, regional, and local levels and advocate local priorities to effect positive change.  Establish criteria about how the Council assesses issues.

Through the Chamber's Governmental Affairs Committee, and with the support of the City, develop an annual Legislative Agenda, which will include items that directly impact the BSEEDC’s business development initiatives.  Collaborate with other regional economic development councils on this effort.

Objective 3 – Marketing and Communications


Develop marketing and communication plans to enhance both internal and external awareness while also creating opportunities to partner with other organizations enhancing our regional efforts for attraction and retention. 


Q4, 2012

Develop communication plan and structure to align ongoing community economic development efforts at the local, regional and state levels.  By communicating with the existing base, we can better direct support to their specific needs from federal, state and local resources.


Continue to develop relationships with agencies at every level related to sustainable economic development including but not limited to Bonita Springs Fire District, Southwest Florida Water Management, Florida Light and Power etc.

Expand the local knowledge and appreciation for existing business and economic development through the local media.

Meet quarterly with City Council in Bonita Springs to provide updates.

Prepare appropriate editorial content for the following regional publications: News-Press, Naples and Bonita Daily Newspapers, Gulf Shore Magazine and various Economic Development publications on an ongoing basis.

Utilize variable "Red Carpet" team of partners to interface with existing and attraction leads to provide best service possible. 

Objective 4 - Sustainability

Three tasks that relate to sustainability were identified:

  1. Engage the retirees.
  2. Develop a plan to capitalize upon the retirees. (John S)
  3. Investigate the status of the catalyst club. (Bob L.)

Objective 5 - Relocation, Expansion, Recruitment

The BSEEDC will cooperate with our "partners," utilize assembled economic/profile/demographic data, and rely on a variety of marketing tools to ensure that site selection consultants, relocation firms, and businesses/corporations looking to expand or relocate are identified and classified according to target industry and compatibility between their business and site requirements, and the unique and positive resources available in the Bonita Springs and Estero area.

Accountability, Measurability and Reporting

The impacts of Economic Development efforts, a 5+ year project, will be measured in terms of jobs, income and output (business sales) and are calculated through a customized input-output economic model.  We will monitor:
Job retention and creation
Generation of income
Generation of local and state tax revenue
Capital investments
Commercial real estate occupancy rates
BSU and Fire installations
Permits for construction, new and expanded uses.


We will issue annual reports to the public.  The reports will include goals and objectives for the past year and the upcoming year. The report will show established benchmarks for measurement and give an analysis of return of investment (ROI).