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11/13/2013 General

Broadband Comprehensive Plan Release


FORT MYERS, FL – (October 3, 2013) – The Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council (SWFRPC) publicly released the Southwest Florida Comprehensive Broadband Plan on September 27, 2013.  The pilot planning area for the plan covers Charlotte, Collier and Lee Counties.


A team of community leaders worked together with the SWFPRC to assess broadband gaps, identify goals, and develop strategies for the region.  The plan adopts specific recommendations and action items that are key next steps and are critical to the implementation of the Plan over the next several years.


The Comprehensive Broadband Plan represents the needs and desires of Southwest Florida’s diverse communities for broadband services throughout the region. This plan lays the groundwork for implementation of many strategies that will help Southwest Florida thrive in the digital economy. The success of this Comprehensive Broadband Plan rests on the strategies that are implemented to enhance broadband development in our region, providing positive impact to the overall quality of life in our communities. This Plan must pro­duce actionable initiatives that drive its purpose forward and measure success along the way. To do so, the Plan identifies key short-term and long-term initiatives that will reinforce its goals and continue to foster broadband development in Southwest Florida.


The plan is an important step to ensuring the long term economic success of the region in the new emerging digital economy.  The Broadband Planning Project will enable the region to build upon planning efforts that have been undertaken independently to establish an innovative new approach to envisioning Southwest Florida’s future through a Broadband Plan.

Background History:

The Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council, in partnership with the Central Florida Regional Planning Council and the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council, received a grant from the State Department of Management Services to develop a Comprehensive Broadband Plan, toolkit and training manual. The broadband toolkit contains databases, surveys, models, and other tools necessary to assess broadband demand and create a strategic broadband plan. The broadband toolkit is also applicable to any community or region, rural, suburban or urban. The broadband training manual guides community leaders and stakeholders through the planning process, providing instruction as to the use and applicability of the broadband toolkit.