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12/17/2013 General

Tax Increment Financeing Agreement Between City of Bonita Springs and Lee County (Quote from Mayor Ben Nelson)

"Today was an extremely successful and important day for the citizens of Bonita Springs and for Lee County. With this Tax Increment Financeing agreement between the City and the County we will finally be able to implement the last piece in the Downtown Redevlopment Plan that every City Council for 14 years has worked on tirelessly. This Tax Incerment Finacing agreement recognizes the importance of our partnership with Lee County and that both entities will benifit from the improved conditions and redevlopment that will result from the parking, drainage improvements and resulting private devlopment that can now finally occur. My thanks to both the City and County Staffs and to our Lee County Commsioners for thier 5 to 0 vote." - City of Bonita Springs Mayor, Ben Nelson