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2/19/2014 General

Florida Standards Will Prepare State's Future Workforce

Florida Standards Will Prepare State’s Future Workforce

Florida’s future economy depends on a talented workforce that can compete in a global economy, and a best-in-class education system is an essential tool to help prepare this workforce

Florida needs to fill the gap created between our current education system and the needs of Florida’s employers by diversifying our economy and creating job opportunities for future generations.

Already, Florida is making great strides:

  • Our 4th grade reading scores are number one in the U.S.,
  • Florida’s 4th grade reading scores are number two in the world,
  • African American student achievement gains are number one in the U.S., and
  • Graduation rates among Florida’s Hispanic students are number one in the U.S.

With more than 462,000 private-sector jobs created in the last three years, Florida is moving in the right direction. This year, the Florida Chamber believes our state will create an additional 198,000 private-sector jobs – further strengthening our state’s economy and making Florida more competitive.

Yet, there are still more than 285,000 unfilled jobs in our state - more than 60,000 of those positions are STEM-related.

The Florida Chamber applauds the Florida State Board of Education for today adopting Florida Standards, and for ensuring that Floridians – not the federal government – control the destiny of our state’s education future.

With Florida Standards, students will be better prepared for career success and post-secondary training, as well as the 21st century global economy.

The Florida Chamber thanks Governor Rick Scott and Education Commissioner Pam Stewart for providing an open and transparent review of Florida’s higher education standards.


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