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6/13/2014 General

June BSEEDC Update

Attraction is powerful. As in many of life’s endeavors, attraction is a critical facet of economic development. Attracting a new business to Bonita or Estero is guaranteed to make headlines. That being said, Bonita Springs Estero Economic Development Council is primarily focused on retention and expansion of existing business. It is our belief that when we foster a business environment that precludes our corporate base from looking elsewhere to grow, that same environment will attract new businesses. Then, we become a region that is highly desirable!

The best example of this is our EDC’s efforts to champion a traffic signal at Riverview Corporate Center on U.S. 41 across from Bay Landings. While lobbying for a traffic signal may not have been the sexiest EDC activity one could imagine, it was very important to one of the largest office complexes in Lee County. We at the EDC understood that employee safety concerns are at the very heart of quality of life for any employer, and despite FDOT’s arguments to the contrary, each business in the Riverview Office Complex was adamant that a light was necessary. During our trip to Tallahassee in March, the EDC was personally lobbying FDOT for the signal on behalf of existing businesses. As reported this month, a decade of efforts by many has resulted in FDOT reversing their stance and authorizing a signal at Riverview.

Lo and behold, the best retention efforts of the best community anywhere can’t do a thing to keep a company like Source Interlink from losing their primary client and going out of business. However, I do know that a traffic signal at Riverview will certainly sweeten the pot when attracting the next set of corporations there to fill that awesome “class A” office space.