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7/23/2014 General

Lee County EDO Targets Four Industries for Jobs

The Lee County Economic Development Office (EDO) has announced plans to target four specific industries as part of a concentrated plan to attract high-paying, high-skilled jobs to the area. Top on the list of industries are medical technologies, aviation, information services and distribution/logistics. These industries are being sought after because of the natural alignment between their needs and the offerings of Lee County. The Economic Development Office has already commenced outreach efforts in the form of research, direct communication, trade show attendance and other activities. Among the services the office can offer prospective businesses are site selection assistance, demographic and statistical information, employee training and recruiting, community tours and various incentive packages. As a part of this effort, the Economic Development Office will be publishing regular blog posts on its website, highlighting the various industries, why Lee County is an ideal selection for each, and examples of other similar businesses succeeding in the area. For information on the Lee County Economic Development Office, visit