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2/9/2015 Chamber News

Bonita’s Chamber and EDC Announce Launch of Bonita Springs High School Website & Petition

BONITA SPRINGS, FL (February 5, 2015) The Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce and the Bonita Springs Estero Economic Development Council (BSEEDC) are collaborating on promotional efforts to announce the debut of the Bonita Springs High School website,

Christine Ross, who serves as President & CEO of the Bonita Springs Area Chamber and Executive Director of the BSEEDC said, “The purpose of the website is to provide information about the process and timeline of bringing a high school to Bonita Springs, to be a vehicle for communicating ideas, and to act as a forum for expressing support via petition signing.”

The website was created by local parent Kimberly Anderson of Brand Build Connect.  Kimberly has two children in the Lee County School system attending Bonita Charter School and volunteered for the project because of her sincere interest in having a high school built in her hometown. 

Anderson said, “In Bonita Springs we have a supportive community behind this new high school endeavor. Top technology companies including Google, Microsoft, Adobe, and Oracle offer easy to use curriculum materials to help educators and students understand and explore the world of computer science and programming.  Now we have an exciting opportunity to teach kids how to make things with computers and prepare them for their future. The best part is the kids love it.” 

Bonita Springs Mayor Ben Nelson shares his passion about this project noting, "Our community has waited for this moment in time for over fifty years.  We cannot allow it to pass us by, or for political bickering to divide us, break our resolve or dissuade the school district.  It's time for us to focus, to prove what is really most important; our children's safety and the highest quality education possible in Bonita Springs."

The petition to support a high school in Bonita Springs is located on the home page.  A ‘Learn More’ button provides background information on the need for capacity and the educational opportunity for Bonita Springs’ future. Under ‘Events’ the community can review the dates and times of upcoming Lee County School Board meetings and see the procedures for making comment. 

In the future site visitors will be able to view information on recommendations for curriculum and to sign up for an informational newsletter. Sponsorships to support a high school in Bonita Springs are also available. For more information about sponsorships and to opt-in to receive communication now, email  

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for this community to establish the legacy of education at the high school level in Bonita Springs.   A high school in Bonita Springs will set the stage for increased academic choices for students in south zones two and three, enhance community pride, and provide opportunities for improvements in student academic success. Please join us by spreading the word about the site through social media and your personal address books,” emphasized Ross.