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5/7/2015 Chamber News

Bonita Springs Area Chamber signs Coalition Supporting S. 280 Federal Permitting Improvement Act

Bonita Springs Area Chamber Signs Coalition Supporting S. 280 Federal Permitting Improvement Act

The Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce recently signed a coalition supporting S. 280 Federal Permitting Improvement Act. This critical piece of legislation would provide a streamlined process for developers to obtain environmental permits and approvals for their projects in a timely and efficient manner, allowing jobs to be created and the economy to grow. CLICK HERE to read the coalition’s letter with full details.

This coalition letter was sent to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Government Affairs on May 4th. Additionally, the US Chamber President and CEO Tom Donohue published commentary in The Examiner regarding the broken federal permitting process for critical energy and infrastructure projects. The piece included this infographic showing the wide variations between past and present permitting delays. Citing the Project No Project study (2010), the Chamber found over 350 projects that were cancelled, delayed, or litigated indefinitely during the permitting process.