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1/12/2016 Chamber News

Florida Chamber Supports Governor Scott’s Call for Tax Cuts

 The Florida Chamber Supports Governor Scott’s Call for Tax Cuts
and Economic Development Investments

“Our competitiveness agenda is trying to… position Florida to be the state
of choice for high-wage, high-skill jobs.” – Mark Wilson


As the Florida Chamber enters the 2016 Legislative Session, one thing remains clear—people matter and jobs matter. The Florida Chamber’s Competitiveness Agenda, along with Governor Scott’s Florida First Budget, will further grow jobs and make Florida more competitive through targeted tax reforms and diversifying Florida’s economy.

In an editorial published today in the Orlando Sentinel, Chamber: Tax cuts will lift revenue, Florida Chamber President and CEO Mark Wilson shares:

“Florida has added one million new jobs in five years. And nationally, one in 11 jobs that were added in 2015 were added in Florida. We have cut taxes 50 times in five years in Florida. And every time we cut taxes, contrary to what a lot of people would like to believe, our economy grows. And when our economy grows, we actually generate more tax revenue.”

The Florida Chamber’s Competitiveness Agenda, commonly referred to as the Florida Business Agenda, is a set of policy priorities that will help grow private sector jobs, continue to improve Florida and diversify our economy. Although there are more than 30 scored items in the Florida Chamber’s 2016 agenda, they include items that will help our state’s competitiveness, such as:

  • A tax climate that helps generate job growth (we support a $1 billion cut),
  • A talented workforce to fill those jobs (continued education reform),
  • A diversified economy, and further improving Florida’s business climate (we support the $250 million Florida Enterprise Fund and other improvements to EFI),
  • A quality of life that includes science-based water policy, and
  • Smarter healthcare outcomes through transparency, competition and ending the cost shift.

Florida is in competition for private-sector jobs with other states, and therefore the Florida Chamber believes we must ensure a tax and business climate that is welcoming to gob growth. To help achieve this goal, the Florida Chamber supports the $250 million investment in the Florida Enterprise Fund.

“The reason the Florida Chamber helped start Enterprise Florida in the mid-'90s is that we knew we needed to target seven or eight industries that grow high-wage jobs. The $250 million enterprise fund request is actually a multi-year request. We would like to set aside the dollars now so the world can see we're serious about diversifying Florida’s economy,”  Wilson explains in the Orlando Sentinel editorial.

The Florida Chamber looks forward to working with Governor Scott, members of the Florida Legislature, Attorney General Pam Bondi, CFO Jeff Atwater and Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam to further build on Florida’s success and make our state even more competitive.



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